Kyo Yuzen

Our traditional Kyo Yuzen artisans dye a roll of kimono fabric in a special elaborate method in order to apply it to western-style clothing. Then the specialized tailors in Kyoto will complete each piece by hand work.

If we trace back the history of traditional Japanese clothing we realize that it has developed using fabric of a certain size, the basic size of a roll of kimono fabric. The textiles were woven by machines set to make them into that certain size and dyeing techniques developed using materials of that same width.

Therefore, only the silk fabrics of this certain size can be dyed to match the patterns in order to make a dynamic pattern of a whole kimono.

Kimonos, particularly those very formal and gorgeous ones, are designed to represent one beautiful picture when sewed together and completed. However, in western clothing, there is no concept of sewing fabrics together in order to create one big picture. Therefore, it is very difficult to apply fabrics for kimonos to western clothing which inquires sewing curves and slanted lines.

Nevertheless, knowing it requires a lot of extra work, we, Kusemono, take on the challenge of making Kyo Yuzen clothes by dyeing each roll of kimono fabric and turning it into beautiful western style clothing. As kimonos are only worn on special occasions today, we believe this is the ultimate way of offering the real beauty of Kyo Yuzen in a more casual way where people can wear them on a more daily basis.

We are proud and confident to offer you the beauty of the real and handmade Yuzen.

CHOYO ~The Chrysanthemum Festival~ - Takashi Nanjo

Chrysanthemums have been admired as the flower of longevity. This is a gorgeous piece with lavishly gilded chrysanthemum patterns on chic black dyed fabric.

HARUKAZE ~Spring Breeze~ - Mansuke Ishida

The pink dyed material of this piece features the traditional Japanese auspicious omens motif. With the beautifully hand-painted cherry blossom and its shower of blossom depicted with gold leaf, it is as if you can feel the coming of spring.

SILK ROAD - Takashi Nanjo

For this piece we have used a nice supple crepe raw fabric woven with thin twisted yarn. The elaborately gilded motif of the strong but graceful tree is somewhat reminiscent of the art of Klimt and beautifully matches the arabesque pattern. It is a gorgeous piece with unique oriental taste.