Kusemono for Kyoto Madams

Values tradition and has dignified elegance. That is a Kyoto Madam.

A Kyoto madam is fussy. She never wears imitation, is never deluded by trends, and never values things only because they're old. She has excellent taste in clothing and knows real quality. Recognized by these Kyoto madams, is the unique and addictive brand, "Kusemono".

Kyo Yuzen for western-style clothing

The traditional Kyo Yuzen dyeing technique can only be applied to silk kimono fabrics. Therefore the process of dyeing each roll of silk kimono fabric must be taken first in order to make western clothes out of Kyo Yuzen. Over ten procedures are taken in completing a piece of Kyo Yuzen dyed western clothes and every step is done entirely by hand. No two items are ever the same: your piece will be unique. Mansuke Ishida and Takeshi Nanjo the traditional Kyo Yuzen artisans taking on the challenge of a whole new world of Kyo Yuzen dyed western clothing.