Ensemble of
one-piece dress
and jacket
~gilded hand-
painted Yuzen~ワンピースとジャケットのアンサンブル ~手描き金彩友禅~

The pieces are not only stretchy and comfortable, but are also designed to create beautiful silhouettes. The soft feminine line will enhance your beauty.

SHINJITSU NO HANA ~Flower of Truth~ - Takashi Nanjo

In the language of flowers, little chrysanthemum signifies truth.
Same patterns are drawn on the dress and on the pocket of the jacket. The use of color and gilt is exquisite.

KOI NO YOKAN ~Feeling of Love~ - Mansuke Ishida

In the language of flowers, poppy signifies feeling of love.
The fantastic coloration of the hand-painted poppies creates a bewitching impression.

HARU NO OTOZURE ~Arrival of Spring~ - Mansuke Ishida

In the language of flowers, Magnolia Kobus signifies coming of spring.
It is said that blooming of Magnolia Kobus tells the arrival of spring. The simple but graceful white flowers express the warmth of spring.