Silk Shawlシルクショール

An elegant shawl woven by Kyotango craftsmen, and hand-drawn and dyed carefully bu our artisans.

HARU NO OTOZURE ~Purple Dove~ - Mansuke Ishida

A batik purple dove show different expressions depending on whether you look at it from the front or the back. The pure silk fringe is dyed in different gradations to match the fabric.

MURASAKI ICHIMATSU ~Purple Checkered Pattern~ - Mansuke Ishida

Ichimatsu checkered pattern fabric woven in a special method called "kasane", laying two very thin materials on top of one another. The unique patterns dyed in the technique of batik and the lightweight sheer texture is stylish.

KIN FUBUKI ~Gold Leaf Shower~ - Mansuke Ishida

Flowers are depicted colorfully by the dyeing technique of "somenuki".
The glinting gold shower on the bright colorful flowers gives a rich and gorgeous impression.