Gion 359 Designer's Room

Gion 359 deals with the clothes and the miscellaneous goods that use techniques of Kyoto Yuzen dyeing with the concept of "kusemono".
KYOTO U-BELL HOTEL and KYOTO GION U-BELL HOTEL have the designer’s rooms with full of cherry blossoms and seasonal flowers painted by Mr. Ishida and Mr. Nanjo of Gion 359 artists.
They are exceptionally luxurious spaces decorated with shiny colors and gold and silver.
Please spend a spcial time to experience the beauty of Kyoto.

the graceful room where cherry blossoms are blooming

When you step into the room, it's in spring. The cherry blossoms in full bloom will greet you. The powerful paintings, the graceful cushions and the bed runners, the lighting.
These works were painted by "Kyoto's master craftsman" Mansuke Ishida who is the traditional craftsman of Kyoto Yuzen dyeing (a technique to dye to the traditional wear ‘kimono’ ).
The paintings filled with the joy of spring are a series of works in which the cherry blossoms fall over the cherry blossoms in full bloom.
The cherry-colored cushions are painted with lovely cherry blossoms.
The bedrunners and another cushions are interspersed with sparkling cherry blossoms in the spring sunshine.
When the lights are lit, the room will be tinted cherry-colored.
Hand-painted cherry blossoms filled with tender and grace will greet you.

Kyo Yuzen Artisan:Kyoto's master craftsman Mansuke Ishida The introduction of the artisan is here

the flowery and gorgeous room with gold and silver

As you enter the room, you will be fascinated by the paintings, the cushions, the bed runners, and the lighting.
These works were painted by “Kyoto's master craftsman” Takashi Nanjo, who specializes in gold-painting, a technique to give brilliance to the traditional wear ‘kimono’ of Kyoto Yuzen dyeing.
The paintings are the series of four representing spring, summer, autumn and winter in Japan.

‘Spring’ : butterflies, a spring peony, a rabbitear iris
‘Summer’ : a japanese plum, a lotus, a morning glory
‘Autumn’ : autumn leaves, small chrysanthemums, a Japanese silver leaf
‘Winter’ : a crane, a heavenly bamboo, a white cat with Yuzu

The picture hung side to the bed is drowned poppies, chrysanthemums, ivies.
He drew a sunflower and a camellia on the cushions. And he drew a clematis, a chrysanthemum, a plum and a peony for the bed runners.
The vivid lighting is coming into your eyes. It is painted poinsettia with butterflies, reminiscent of paradise.
Unique to Nanjo, fine and delicate paintings, vivid colors, and gold and silver paintings giving dignity.
You can only taste here when you spend time in a luxurious glow.

Kyo Yuzen Artisan:Kyoto's master craftsman Takashi Nanjo The introduction of the artisan is here
Reservation call : +81-75-681-3000